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Virtual PBX, a pioneer in the virtual phone system industry offers the most features, highest reliability & best value. Call us today at 888 825-0800!

Patrick Ciriello‘s insight:

I have been meaning to "blog" about the various business tools that I use for my business so that others can take avantage of them as well.  I believe I shall share them via Scoop.It since a) I can publish it on the fly and b) it gets distributed to twitter, facebook, linkedin, workpress, and tumblr automatically (this, by the way, is another one of those tools.)


Virtual PBX allows me, for a very small monthly fee, to NEVER miss a phone call.  I have a toll free number, built in voicemail, and automatic call following.  This means that when someone calls my number, they never get a busy signal – they are greeted with my custom message, and then the system will call all the numbers I have programmed into it (Skype, Cell, etc.) until it finds me.  If it doesn’t, the caller is given the option to leave a message.  When they do, I am send an email and alerted via text message on my cell phone that I have a message.


There are many other features, such as receiving and sending faxes from the computer, and some of which I don’t currently need like auto searching for multiple calling queues.


I highly recommend this service.  If you do decide you want to try it out, please let me know first and I will send you a personal invitation from my account.


Have a great week!

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